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Local elections and travel restrictions

Another election weekend has just passed, this time for both regional governance and mayoral elections which are held simultaneously across the country.  Evo Morales’ MAS (Movement Towards Socialism) suffered severe losses in key regions. They lost regional governance in La Paz to … Continue reading

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The Day of the Sea (El Dia del Mar)

Bolivia hasn’t always been a landlocked country.  Many years ago it’s borders stretched all the way to the Pacific Ocean, occupying a vast desert landscape once known as Litoral. Unfortunately Bolivia lost their precious coastline to Chile in one of the … Continue reading

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Bolivian cuisine: The good, the bad and the ugly

Some optimistic bloggers use adjectives like delicious, mouth watering, and scrumptious to describe Bolivian cuisine. I might use similar words to write about Thai, Indian, Italian, or Turkish. But Bolivian?  I think bland, boring, and dull are much more accurate.  I … Continue reading

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