Food and Drink

Bolivian Cuisine: The good, the bad and the ugly

2 Responses to Food and Drink

  1. Yasmine says:

    Dear Gringo,
    As a foreign residing in our country “Bolivia”, who writes Blogs about our culture, gastronomy and customs you need to understand that you are accountable for how you portray us.
    I find it offensive to read your blog. If you have a strong opinion to what you think is good, then bravo. If you think something is bad or as you call “ugly” then you need to be careful of how you say it.
    I am a Bolivian resident for many years in United States, and some things I hear or see or even eat in USA don’t understand it, but at least I try to learn about it.
    A lot of the food in Bolivia are street foods made for the common and poor people. This became part of our history, our culture and gastronomy.Please don’t enter this blog to step on it, referring as blend or disgusting. As a foreign you don’t understand how things work, I get it, but please at least try to learn and educate yourself.
    I’ve met a lot of Americans living in the south and west that have a lot of dishes that are similar to ours. So you, as a gringo, I think it depends how you were raised. Maybe you never tried bulls balls but cowboys do.
    Is there a way you can write a blog without being bias? As a writer is the first rule of law they teach us in college.
    Any thoughts?


    • Harry says:

      It’s a blog, not a news website. As a blog, the content is meant to document my personal opinions, which include a disdain for Bolivian food. If you read some other posts, you’ll find I’m a lot more positive about Bolivia in general. Amazing country with incredible people.


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