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Bolivia’s disabled march to La Paz

More social unrest has been brewing in Bolivia over the last month. This time a group of some 150 disabled protesters have marched 386 k.m. all the way from Cochabamba to confront Evo Morales’ government in La Paz. The march took … Continue reading

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#SI o #NO – the Bolivian referendum

On Sunday, Bolivians head to the polls again, this time for a referendum rather than an election. The country will decide whether or not they want Evo Morales, who leads a left wing socialist party, to be eligible for re-election in … Continue reading

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The Pope visits Bolivia

Pope Francis recently visited La Paz and Santa Cruz as part of an eight day whirlwind tour of South America’s poorest nations, although sadly he only spent about four hours in La Paz due to medical concerns regarding the high altitude. This is probably fair enough, … Continue reading

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Local Elections and Travel Restrictions

Another election weekend has just passed, this time for both regional governance and mayoral elections which are held simultaneously across the country. Evo Morales’ MAS (Movement Towards Socialism) suffered severe losses in key regions, most notably losing regional governance in La Paz … Continue reading

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The Day of the Sea (El Dia del Mar)

Bolivia hasn’t always been a landlocked country. Many years ago, its borders stretched all the way to the Pacific Ocean, occupying a vast desert landscape once known as Litoral. Sadly, Bolivia lost its precious coastline to Chile in one of … Continue reading

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Evo Wins Another Term

Much to no-one’s surprise, Evo Morales steam rolled his way to another election victory on October 12th, 2014. His party, Moviemento Al Socialismo (Movement Towards Socialism), was the favorite by far and secured 61% of votes to give Morales a third term … Continue reading

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Bus Safety in Bolivia

Bolivia’s road safety record is appalling. The country of 10 million people has only about 500,000 cars, yet around 40,000 traffic accidents are recorded every year. Over 3,000 people died between 2008 and 2012, an average of more than one per day … Continue reading

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Bolivia Legalises Child Labour

Last month Bolivia took the unprecedented step of legalizing child labor from the age of 10. This is now the only country in the world to allow children under 14 to legally join the work force. Why it’s bad The move … Continue reading

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Evo and Israel

Bolivia’s current president, Evo Morales, is somewhat of an anti-american far left socialist. He regularly criticizes the United States and once evicted their entire diplomatic mission during a disagreement over coca production. Unsurprisingly, he is also a prominent member of the Latin American … Continue reading

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