There’s not a huge amount of information online about life in Bolivia but there are a few good sites out there.  Check out my recommendations.

Boliviabella is by far the most comprehensive English language source of  information about Bolivia on the internet.  The focus is on Santa Cruz but there’s heaps of info about all aspects of the country.

Bolivia in my eyes is an interesting blog from a Polish expat living in Santa Cruz.  Scroll down to get to the English section of each post.

Bolivian Thoughts has a wealth of information although some it is seems to have been put through Google translator so readability can be an issue.

Strolling South America has numerous interesting posts about life in La Paz from a former expat who has now moved on in her travels.

La Paz Life, Sucre Life and Bolivian Life are flashy and informative travel guides/blogs written by an Australian couple who spent time living in Sucre. has stacks of good information about Bolivia.  I found them particularly useful for info about the residency process.  They also have an online handicrafts store. 

There is also an “Expats Bolivia” group on Facebook that’s worth a look.


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