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#SI o #NO – the Bolivian referendum

On Sunday, Bolivians head to the polls again, this time for a referendum rather than an election. The country will decide whether or not they want Evo Morales, who leads a left wing socialist party, to be eligible for re-election in … Continue reading

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Local Elections and Travel Restrictions

Another election weekend has just passed, this time for both regional governance and mayoral elections which are held simultaneously across the country. Evo Morales’ MAS (Movement Towards Socialism) suffered severe losses in key regions, most notably losing regional governance in La Paz … Continue reading

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Evo Wins Another Term

Much to no-one’s surprise, Evo Morales steam rolled his way to another election victory on October 12th, 2014. His party, Moviemento Al Socialismo (Movement Towards Socialism), was the favorite by far and secured 61% of votes to give Morales a third term … Continue reading

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