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Stomach Problems

One of the definite downsides of being a gringo living here, or in any developing country, is the constant attack on your guts by unrelenting foreign bacteria. We westerners are accustomed to incredibly strict hygiene standards and as a result … Continue reading

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Watching the World Cup in Bolivia

Being on the same continent and time zone as the World Cup was a bit of a novelty. It was great being able to go out for lunch anywhere and watch a game on TV, or stroll down to a … Continue reading

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The Men in Green

The police in Bolivia are not very popular thanks a reputation for being corrupt, lazy, incompetent and creating more problems than they solve. I’ve heard numerous stories of people having to pay them to investigate a crime, and even then they … Continue reading

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Corruption in Bolivia

Like in most developing countries, corruption is a huge problem in Bolivia. Over here, it’s ingrained in every aspect of life. School beauty competitions are rigged in favor of the girl with the richest parents, university professors receive gifts in … Continue reading


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Visa Requirements

Below is a list of requirements for the one year temporary residency visa and a list of the sub requirements for each section. This article is out of date. Check out the slightly less out of date article here. Update: … Continue reading

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Public Transport and the Puma Katari

La Paz introduced another revolutionary transport system this year, the illustrious Puma Katari. There has been a hell of a lot of media hype and excitement about this service recently. So what is it exactly? To put it simply, it’s just a … Continue reading

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