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The Bolivian Medical System – at least it’s cheap

While the medical system in Bolivia is miles behind those of the west, it’s really not too bad for a developing country.  The most important thing is that basic medical care is universally affordable, thanks to the policies of the current socialist … Continue reading

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Carnival in Oruro

Bolivian’s love a good entrada (parade).  In La Paz there are more entradas than days of the year.  None of them however can be compared to Bolivia’s number one event:  The Carnival of Oruro. The countries biggest and most spectacular … Continue reading

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Bolivians stage mass protest to bring back the Simpsons

Anyone familiar with Bolivia knows it is a nation cursed with frequent protests and roadblocks.  The people here take to the streets en masse to air their grievances about just about anything; from their right to drive while drunk to the name change of an airport in Oruro. … Continue reading

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