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The Bolivian Medical System – at least it’s cheap

While the medical system in Bolivia is miles behind those of the west, our current socialist government ensures everyone can afford to get some basic care. Unfortunately, however, when I say basic I really mean basic. Bolivian nationals are all … Continue reading

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Carnival in Oruro

Bolivian’s love a good entrada (parade). In fact, in La Paz there are more entradas than days of the year. None, however, are comparable Bolivia’s craziest event: The Carnival of Oruro. The countries biggest and most spectacular carnival parade brings … Continue reading

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Bolivians stage mass protest to bring back the Simpsons

Anyone familiar with Bolivia knows it is a nation of frequent protests and roadblocks. The people here take to the streets en masse to air their grievances of just about anything; from their right to drive while drunk to the name change of an airport in Oruro. … Continue reading

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