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Visa Requirements: November 2014 and beyond

The process of applying for a residency visa changed significantly in November 2014, so a long-overdue update is in order. TOURIST VISAS: Group one countries, which include most of the “first world”, are still able to enter Bolivia visa free and stay for … Continue reading

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The Death Road

Hurtling down The Death Road on a mountain bike has become a bucket-list item for international thrill-seeking adventurers, with hordes of tourists descending the 60 km road in Bolivia’s subtropical South Yungas region every day. Above of else, the tour has become … Continue reading

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Cars and Driving in Bolivia

Car ownership is comparatively uncommon in Bolivia, with private vehicles generally being reserved for transportistas and the economic elite. Nevertheless, if I did happen to earn enough money to buy a car here, I probably wouldn’t want to drive it anyway. … Continue reading

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Bolivian cuisine: The good, the bad and the ugly

Some optimistic bloggers use adjectives like delicious, mouth watering, and scrumptious to describe Bolivian cuisine. I might use similar words to write about Thai, Indian, Italian, or Turkish. But Bolivian? I think bland, boring, and dull are much more accurate. I’m … Continue reading

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Alasitas – The Festival of Abundance

Alasitas is a month long festival beginning on the 24th of January in La Paz which is celebrated by indigenous Aymara to pay homage to Ekeko, the god of abundance. Throughout the festival, the Aymara buy an assortment of miniature models which … Continue reading

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Finding teaching work in Bolivia

English teachers are in high demand throughout Bolivia so it’s pretty easy for a native English speaking gringo to land a job here. The bigger cities have far more potential students so the odds of finding a placement are much better in La … Continue reading

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What the hell is anticrético?

What the hell is it? Bolivians enjoy a unique property leasing option known as anticrético, a process where the owner of a property leases out the residence in exchange for an interest free loan for a period of at least one year. The tenant … Continue reading

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Air Safety in Bolivia

Bolivia’s air safety record isn’t as bad as one might think. The country has only seen three fatal crashes in the last six years with a total death toll of 19, which is partly thanks to its small scale aviation industry that … Continue reading

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Entrada Universitaria and Bolivian Dance

A unique and fun aspect of Bolivian culture is the entrada, a lively street parade featuring traditional music, dance and costume. Entradas feature huge variety of styles and genres which vary from region to region. The dances of the amazon, for example, are completely different … Continue reading

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Stomach Problems

One of the definite downsides of being a gringo living here, or in any developing country, is the constant attack on your guts by unrelenting foreign bacteria. We westerners are accustomed to incredibly strict hygiene standards and as a result … Continue reading

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