Watching the World Cup in Bolivia

Being on the same continent and time zone as the World Cup was a bit of a novelty for me.  It was great being able to go out for lunch anywhere and watch a game on TV, or stroll down to a bar in the afternoon instead of waking up at 2am like the folks back home.  A part of me expected fever pitch excitement and crazy parties here as the tournament progressed.  This was probably the case in most of South America, but not so much in Bolivia.  The country hasn’t qualified since 1994 and while the people here like soccer, Bolivian supporters are fairly timid.  They don’t tend to go batshit crazy for football like their Brazilian or Argentine neighbours.

We saw the final at an open air theatre here in La Paz.  Despite being such an important event most people turned up late so it didn’t really fill out until 30 minutes into the match.  Some kids were playing football on the pitch next door instead of watching the game.  To my surprise, most Bolivians were supporting Germany.  One of the nearby supporters explained it’s because Argentinians are arrogant.  Bolivians don’t seem to be particularly fond of  their neighbours.


World Cup final at the open air theatre in La Paz

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