Stomach problems

One of the definite downsides of a gringo living here, or in any developing country, is the constant attack on your guts by unrelenting foreign bacteria.  We westerners are accustomed to incredibly strict hygiene standards and as a result we fail to develop strong immune systems.  A weak immune system combined with unfamiliar bacteria, poor hygiene standards and a lack of refrigeration means the chances of falling sick are alarming high.


Not quite the hygiene standards we are used to at home

Last time I was here I suffered Salmonella twice and Giardia, plus countless minor incidents.  I haven’t been tested this week but I suspect I’ve got something similar.  Pretty sure I picked this one up at Burger King, which you might think would be a safer option.  Now for a week’s course of antibiotics and a strict diet of rice and bread :-(

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2 Responses to Stomach problems

  1. claire005 says:

    England isn’t much better. I’ve been fighting off e-coli related illnesses for ages. I finally gave up and bought a pack of the urine test strips doctors use to determine what organs your current infection is impacting – and I just keep those in the bathroom.


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