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Alasitas – The Festival of Abundance

Alasitas is a month long festival beginning on the 24th of January in La Paz which is celebrated by indigenous Aymara to pay homage to Ekeko, the god of abundance. Throughout the festival, the Aymara buy an assortment of miniature models which … Continue reading

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New Years Eve in Samaipata

New Years Eve is celebrated differently depending on where you are in the country. In the highlands, it tends to be a lot more of a family affair, where relatives get to together in their homes to enjoy a few … Continue reading

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Christmas in Bolivia

As a predominantly Catholic country, it’s no surprise Christmas (Navidad in Spanish) is widely celebrated in Bolivia. Traditions are similar to those in the west, although there are some key differences. In the month leading up to Christmas the decorations start to go … Continue reading

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Día del Peatón (Pedestrian’s day)

Every year on a Sunday in September, Bolivia hosts “Pedestrian’s Day” to bring attention to environmental issues, specifically our dependence on burning fossil fuels for transportation. The government outlaws all use of motorized transport (except for those with a special permit … Continue reading

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Entrada Universitaria and Bolivian Dance

A unique and fun aspect of Bolivian culture is the entrada, a lively street parade featuring traditional music, dance and costume. Entradas feature huge variety of styles and genres which vary from region to region. The dances of the amazon, for example, are completely different … Continue reading

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Aymara New Year

Bolivia is the most indigenous country in South America, with the 2012 census revealing 86% of respondents had identified as having native or mixed origins. In La Paz, the Aymara people form the vast majority. Traditionally sun-worshipers, among other things, the … Continue reading

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