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Harry is a freelance writer based in South America who writes about travel among numerous other things.

Visa Requirements: November 2014 and beyond

The process of applying for a residency visa changed significantly in November 2014, so a long-overdue update is in order. TOURIST VISAS: Group one countries, which include most of the “first world”, are still able to enter Bolivia visa free and stay for … Continue reading

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The Death Road

Hurtling down The Death Road on a mountain bike has become a bucket-list item for international thrill-seeking adventurers, with hordes of tourists descending the 60 km road in Bolivia’s subtropical South Yungas region every day. Above of else, the tour has become … Continue reading

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Salar de Uyuni and the South Western Circuit

The Salar de Uyuni is without a doubt Bolivia’s premier tourist attraction. Visited by hundreds of tourists from around the world each day, the world famous salt flats are a spectacular sight to behold. This surreal, alienesque landscape features in countless travel blogs, … Continue reading

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The Pope visits Bolivia

Pope Francis recently visited La Paz and Santa Cruz as part of an eight day whirlwind tour of South America’s poorest nations, although sadly he only spent about four hours in La Paz due to medical concerns regarding the high altitude. This is probably fair enough, … Continue reading

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It’s McBack

Good news for those who enjoy the occasional Big Mac – McDonald’s has announced that they will be returning to Bolivia in 2015. The first restaurant is expected to open in Santa Cruz and, if successful, other franchises will pop up around the country. … Continue reading

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Animal Rights

The issue of animal rights was a hot topic in Bolivia last month after a woman in Cochabamba became upset with a neighbor’s dog that entered her property and ate one of her chickens. Rather than reporting the incident through official channels (which are notoriously … Continue reading

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Ayahuasca – the vine of the soul

An ancient indigenous healing remedy, Ayahuasca is a mixture of Amazonian plants which culminate in the release of DMT, a powerful hallucinogenic compound. By themselves, these components have no effect on the human brain. But when the crucial Ayahuasca root is … Continue reading

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