Bolivian Clocks to Run Backwards

As if Bolivia were not backwards already.

Some creative government officials have decided that Bolivian clocks should run counter-clockwise, arguing the design of a clock was originally based on a sundial, which in the Southern Hemisphere runs counter-clockwise (clockwise in the north).

There was also a lot of rhetoric about “recovering Bolivian identity”, “building a new world, returning to the new path”, and the “ideological intention of breaking hegemony from the north” (USA I assume).

This change is apparently a logical progression given the world is divided into two hemispheres.

The obvious downside is that there will be a lot of confusion about what time it is. Even those that are aware of the new system will no doubt struggle to read clocks in the complete opposite way that they have been accustomed to their entire life. On the flip side, it will create a timeless excuse for the Bolivian tendency to be late for absolutely everything.

The Palacio Legislativo in Plaza Murillo supposedly already changed their clocks before the summer solstice last weekend. Tax payers need not despair, however, as this was kindly done for free by a group of volunteer “scientists”. Thanks guys.


What time did you say it was?


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6 Responses to Bolivian Clocks to Run Backwards

  1. Phil says:

    incidentally , in true Bolivian fashion they didnt even think of this themselves , they are simply copying an idea from teh Urguayan artist Torres Garcia. You can see an example of his drawing of a reversed south america on the wikipedia site and you can also purchase reverse clocks in the Torres Garcia museum in Montevideo – I have one in my living room.


  2. Peter says:

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    Regards Peter Tilkema from Gorredijk The Netherlands


  3. Remi Acien says:

    The subject is very interesting .The picture representing the clock with the inverted time is well.


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